An Invitation to Explore

There is always something going in Chisago Lakes and you are invited. There are so many interesting people, events and places that we have decided to take a deeper dive into some of them. If you have a moment we invite you to learn a little more about our beautiful area.

This national, invitational gathering of potters and sale of ceramics is an exciting destination for anyone who appreciates handmade pottery and their makers.
Society and found four local women to feature! Over four weeks we used social media to share a little bit about these prominent #ChisagoLakes women.
Celebration of the Lakes 2022! Whether you’re local to the Chisago Lakes Area, or making a trip out to see us, we’re excited to host this event for you and your family!
It’s hard to visit the Chisago Lakes area without noticing the beautiful scenery and Swedish influence. These notable features were the inspiration for Swedish …
Good morning! It’s hard to believe the last day of your Perfect Girls Get-a-way Trip has arrived. But don’t hurry out of town too quickly, we’ve got some good things …
Rise and shine ladies! It’s time to get up! Slip on the new Chisago t-shirt you bought yesterday and get your blood pumping with an energizing and invigorating …

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