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Barns, Quilts & Road Trips

Welcome to the Chisago Lakes Barn Quilt Trail (CLBQT)! What started in 2015 as a public art project has evolved into one of the most unique and picturesque ways to explore Chisago Lakes. We invite you to view our many quilts as you experience all our community has to offer.

Spotlight on the Chisago Lakes Barn Quilt Trail

If you are looking for something unique to do on a beautiful day, check out the Chisago Lakes Barn Quilt Trail. Take a look at this clip from Twin Cities Live to learn about how it got started, the special man that created most of the quilts and then start planning your trip to Chisago Lakes!

Barn Quilt FAQs

Within many cultures, the humble quilt has represented hard work, individuality, warmth, and resourcefulness. Quilts tell the story of our indigenous peoples, immigrants and pioneers. Created as a representation of these iconic artforms, barn quilts are quilt block patterns, colorfully painted on wood squares of varying sizes. These squares started appearing on farmstead barns more than 100 years ago, and many farms were known by their unique quilt pattern.

For decades, barn quilt trails have been established throughout North America, honoring the heritage of sharing local culture through quilts installed on barns and buildings. Today, over 40 quilt trails dot the landscape of the United States, representing traditional Americana.

The goal of the Chisago Lakes Barn Quilt Trail was to heighten awareness of our area’s Swedish heritage, showcase talent of local artists, and add color and interest through the business sectors and near local attractions and historical sites. Working with a network of artists and business sponsors, 20 quilts were installed in 2015, and another 20 in 2016. Dave Oaks sealed and installed every single barn quilt, “I had hands on every one of them.”

We have two partners to help us build the Chisago Lakes Barn Quilt Trail for years to come. Please contact them directly to begin your barn quilt project:

  • Dave Oaks – 651-257-7408
  • Unruly Acres

    *Upon ordering, please let the artist know if you wish to be included on the CLBQT or if you’re purchasing for personal use

Today, more than 70 quilt squares have been painted by local artists and are displayed throughout our business corridors and along our country roads. In addition, each of the five cities along the Highway 8 corridor displays an 8-foot barn quilt square.

This list of barn quilts includes quilt owners who gave permission to be included, but you will spot more during your visit than what’s listed here. Please note that many barn quilts are located on private property. We ask you to be respectful along the trail.

Barn Quilt Trail Map

Click on an orange number for information about the quilt for that location. The blue and yellow circles indicate multiple quilts in that area. Click on each circle to zoom in further to see each individual quilt.

Download a PDF of the Chisago Barn Quilt Brochure

We hope you enjoy our beautiful community as you meander your way through the Chisago Lakes Barn Quilt Trail. Some quilts are new, many are weathered, but all have been designed, painted, and hung with heart and pride. Please enjoy!

Quilt Gallery

Precious Pinwheel
10,000 Lakes Blvd. Chisago City MN 55013
Northern Star
10470 South Avenue, Chisago City MN 55013
Scandinavian Star
10510 South Ave. Chisago City MN 55013
Morning Star with Tulips
10550 South Ave. Chisago City MN 55013
Summer Galaxy
11151 Lake Blvd. Chisago City MN 55013
Wood Chisels
10670 South Avenue, Chisago City, MN 55013
Garden of Friends
29331 Main Street, Chisago City, MN 55013
10680 South Ave. Chisago City MN 55013
May Flower Baskets
10750 South Ave. Chisago City MN 55013
Window Pane Stars
10825 Lake Boulevard, Chisago City, MN 55013

Can I Get on the Barn Quilt Trail?

If you are interested in being listed on the site and be a prt of the Barn Quilt Trail, let us know by filling out the form.

If you would like information on how to aquire or have a barn quilt made for your residence or business, please use the resources listed below.

Unruly Acres:

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