Summer in Minnesota means Town Baseball

The Eastern Minny League is Minnesota’s oldest active amateur baseball league with a rich history of over 100 years. The league was founded in the early 1920s, even before the launch of the Minnesota Baseball Association, and continues to thrive today. In fact, Minnesota has more Town Ball teams than any other state in the country!

Go Experience a Chisago Lakes Bulldogs Game

Sunshine, the smell of fresh cut grass, your favorite lawn chair, a concession hot dog, the crack of a bat, pop of a glove, and the umpire yelling, “Play ball!”

This is Chisago Lakes Town Ball

My husband and I arrived at the Lindstrom home field, each wearing a baseball glove and enjoying a DQ Dilly Bar on a beautiful spring day. As we made our way to the field, we felt the excitement of the teams warming up and spectators greeting each other, from old friends to new introductions. We sat in the bleachers behind home plate, primed to catch the foul balls. You see, after moving to Chisago City, we’ve been exploring the Chisago Lakes area, and a Chisago Lakes Bulldogs game was high on our bucket list. My husband is a huge baseball fan, and the Town Ball games hold wonderful childhood memories. We chose to move to Chisago Lakes because of the unique small-town energy, and at this game, we again found what makes this community so special.

As the game started, the pitcher threw the first strike. Instead of yelling strike, the umpire let out a loud wordless rumble. It was one of the most unique-sounding calls I’ve ever heard. In unison, the whole crowd sitting in the bleachers started laughing. Through the laughter, connections and conversations began. We talked baseball stats and the heartbreak at times of our beloved MN sports teams. We learned that one of the Chisago Lakes Bulldogs pitchers was the son of the couple sitting next to us. The couple shared their son’s journey of being injured and how he started playing for the team. We appreciated learning more about the players. Meanwhile, after every foul ball hit, one of us ran to catch it or pick it up and bring it back to the team. Ultimately, what we knew would be a fun game turned out to be an inspiring afternoon of community with an eclectic group of people. A reminder that a simple game of baseball is so much more.

And after every strike…we collectively smiled.

The Chisago Lakes Bulldogs Season is in Full Swing

The 2024 Eastern Minny League season is in full swing. There are many opportunities (see full schedule below) to get out and enjoy a game or to be a regular super fan.

The Eastern Minny League includes Eastern Minny North and Eastern Minny South. The is league comprised of sixteen Class ‘C’ teams in the Minnesota Baseball Association.

Eastern Minny North

  • Braham Snappers
  • Hinckley Knights
  • Mora Blue Devils
  • North Branch Nighthawks
  • Ogilvie Orioles
  • Princeton Panthers
  • Quamba Cubs
  • Rum River Bandits

Eastern Minny South

  • Chisago Lakes Bulldogs
  • East Bethel Bandits
  • Elk River Lumberjacks
  • Ham Lake Hornets
  • Istanti Redbirds
  • Nowthen Knights
  • Ramsey Renegades
  • St. Francis Silverbacks

The 2024 Home Game Schedule

The home games are played at 12740 292nd Street, Lindstrom, MN 55045. The location is indicated on each game listing.

Click for the Full 2024 Schedule.

Concessions are available at all home games. Our concession stand features Deutschland Meats hotdogs, “The Official Hotdog of the Chisago Lakes Bulldogs”, fresh popcorn, chips, candy, pop, and water. We accept cash and Venmo for payment.

At every home game, the first 24 kids, age 15 and under, receive a free Dilly Bar from Chisago Lakes Bulldogs sponsor, Dairy Queen of Lindström. And the fun doesn’t always stop when the game ends. After some of the home games, the players invite all their fans to join them after the game at a local bar & grill or restaurant. Just listen for the announcement!

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime for good reason. It’s a fun way for the whole family to spend an afternoon or evening outdoors relaxing, cheering, and laughing. It is inclusive for every generation and every type of fan.

The Chisago Lakes Bulldogs games are always exciting and unfold in unexpected ways. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Chisago Lakes Bulldogs Catcher Pit Crew!

Everyone is welcome to Chisago Lakes Bulldogs Town Ball, from family members to tourists!

It’s going to be an exciting season. Pack your cooler, favorite lawn chair or blanket, and we’ll see you at the games.


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